Harry Houdini and Poughkeepsie

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Share Tweet Today marks the 137th Birthday of Harry Houdini. We did a little google search to see what comes up when you search “Houdini + Poughkeepsie” and of course something weird shows up. this is from the NY Times May 8, 1927 THE NEW YORK TIMES • May 8, 1927 • Page 15, Column [...]

Elizabeth Taylor and Poughkeepsie

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Share Tweet Thought the two never crossed paths perhaps, I find a similarity in how both “Queens” as it were kept their beauty and style despite so many traumatic twists and turns of fate. Both started out as young and incredibly beautiful both rose to fame through their talents and style and both re-invented themselves [...]

Walkway Over the Hudson – Past, Present and Future

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Share Tweet This is a great video detailing the history of the now open Walkway Over the Hudson. It is amazing how much activity this has brought to Poughkeepsie and is a major catalyst to the next wave of revitalization of our City and the Hudson Valley

Poughkeepsie History Video

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Share Tweet Produced by Vassar and a little dry in it’s approach, this video gives a good over view of the city a few years back. So much has changed since this was produced. The Walkway over the Hudson is now open and so many new and wonderful businesses have opened on Main St. This [...]

Shawn Poirier Witch King of Salem Ma. and Poughkeepsie

March 17, 2011 by admin · 2 Comments 

Share Tweet Tonight marks the anniversary of the passing of Shawn Poirier, the Last Witch King of Salem and dear friend to me Joe Netherworld author of this website. Shawn loved coming to Poughkeepsie it was to him a refuge as well as a magic mirror to Salem. Shawn was larger than life and now [...]

G. Gordon Liddy: Roots lead back to Poughkeepsie

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Share Tweet I live around the corner from a house owned by the Liddy-Purcell family and can only imagine the shenanigans that went on here in the 1960′s when it was an all out war on the Hippie stronghold in Millbrook. You had G. Gordon on the warpath while Timothy Leary and a bus load [...]

Ed Wood

March 13, 2011 by admin · 1 Comment 

Share Tweet Coming later today will be an in depth article on one of Weird Poughkeepsie’s favorite sons Edward D Wood Jr. from his humble beginnings as an usher at what is now the Bardavon to directing one of the best/worst movies of all time while wearing heels and an angora sweater, Plan 9 from [...]

Edward Gorey an artist we can relate to

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Share Tweet A nice article on Edward Gorey’s influence on current style. We have been living by Mr. Gorey’s guidelines for quite a while now. The creepy yet refined quality that infuses his world is well represented in the homes and environs of Weird Poughkeepsie. (I think he would have loved all the larger than [...]

Welcome to Weird Poughkeepsie

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Share Tweet Hello and were do I start? I guess WELCOME is as good as any intro. Here at Weird Poughkeepsie you will find an ongoing exploration of all the wonderful strange and exciting things that are to be found here in Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley. If you have recently moved to the area [...]

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