Bill the Painter

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Bill the Painter

Every now and then you come across a craftsman who does his job well and for a very fair price. Bill is that guy. a life long Poughkeepsie native and well known around town. In my neighborhood alone he has worked on many houses taking pride in his work and in improving the look of the entire neighborhood.  He has been trusted to complete the 6 color paint scheme on one of Weird Poughkeepsie’s landmarks, The Halloween House.  He’s an old school painter and handyman. When you work out a price you are working it out with the man who will be doing the job, not a salesman selling a bill of goods.  He’s the real deal. He does the work without complaint and with the energy of a man half his age. A veteran, a bit of an ex hippie and well aware of the workings of our strange little city,  if you need some work done or a very careful and professional paint job on your “landmark”

Call Bill the Painter at 845 380-0246 or email him here or comment with questions


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  1. Lilith Malone says:

    I’ve spoken to Bill about his work on the Halloween House. He takes a real interest in the complex paint scheme and genuine pride in his work, which speaks for itself. Beautiful!

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