Cocktail Warpath

July 14, 2011 by admin · Leave a Comment 

That’s right, I have had enough of tepid tasting warm unmixed cocktails, drinks created by picking any four bottles of booze off the shelf and dumping them in a glass and giving it a witlessly witty name. I am done with bars that claim to use the finest freshest ingredients only to find a sticky, stenchy bottle of “Rose’s Grenadine” behind the bar. Here’s a tip: just because you think a drink looks “Fancy” because you layer it a glass it does not make a good cocktail, if you ordered pancakes and they bring over batter, a frying pan and some butter and tell you that’s pancakes you would not be happy. Same goes for an unmixed drink in a luke warm glass. This has happened once too often in this town of Po, so beware we are out testing and reviewing your mixology and it will be reviewed by our snarky, high falutin’ staff. Do right get praised do wrong get blasted…. that is all…………… for now

P.S. for how to do a cocktail correct: The Cocktail Vultures will show you how

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