Shawn Poirier Witch King of Salem Ma. and Poughkeepsie

March 17, 2011 by admin · 2 Comments 

Tonight marks the anniversary

Shawn Poirier Witch King of Salem

of the passing of Shawn Poirier, the Last Witch King of Salem and dear friend to me Joe Netherworld author of this website. Shawn loved coming to Poughkeepsie it was to him a refuge as well as a magic mirror to Salem. Shawn was larger than life and now he’s greater than Death living on in the workings and magic he left behind. He was one of the first people to call my house the Halloween House and it is in his honor that many of the sights and additions on my property are dedicated to. You can see the peak of the Witch House in my yard from Church st. This small structure is a shed for my wood and place to pay homage to Shawn. inside it is set up like a Witches cabin in the woods and on full Moon nights like the coming Super Moon on the 19th I sit and wait in the silver glow for a glimpse of the Man who Made magic come to the Halloween House of Poughkeepsie


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  1. Vicky says:

    Your post intrigues me! Since the early 90′s Shawn had been reading my Tarot Cards when I visited Salem, MA. I grew so found of him, that over the years when given the opportunities to have readings by others – I declined. I wrote down the details of many of my readings – amazing how MANY of these came true!

    The last time I saw Shawn was in the fall of 2006 a few months before his death. I new nothing of his passing until two years later when I tried to contact him. I was devastated to learn the news of his passing. Now, when I have time and he comes to mind, I periodically search the internet searching looking for his name. Today I was pleasantly given a gift by finding your post. Thank you Joe for reminding me of Shawn’s everlasting presence and his abundant gift to love everyone – even for a stranger who shifted in and out of his life.

    I am a former resident of South Grand Avenue – my childhood home for the first six years of my life – and the foundation of my spiritual beginnings. Yes Mr. Netherworld! There is truly something spiritual and weird about Poughkeepsie! Merry meet! Vicky

    (feel free to email me off-line)

  2. lin says:

    I met Shawn for the first time in Salem, Fall of 2007. I was with my best friend who introduced me. When I shook Shawn’s hand, I felt this unexplainable power of calm & wisdom flow freely from him into me. I was sad that we could not spend anytime with him;however just being around him I felt telling me to not give up my craft. My friend & I went back to Salem in 2009 to be informed Shawn had past away. We, As well as others, know to this day Shawn is still around watching over us. Blessed Be.

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